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  • Cracked screen repair​

  • Battery replacement

  • Charging port malfunction

  • Backglass repair and much more!    Stop by our shop or give us a call!      (702) 355-2750

100% Free Diagnostics
Certified Experts
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Not sure what is wrong with your phone? We offer 100% Free diagnostics. If we can't fix it, there is no fee!

For many of us, our phones are our mini personal assistants, keeping track of everything from our whereabouts to our bank information. But what happens when our devices breakdown or have unexpected damage? Take the waiting and stress out of dealing with your carriers support or insurance company. We're your personal certified phone experts, ready and on standby to help repair your cellphone, laptops, tablets and more!

1 year warranty
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Worried that your device may end up malfunctioning after a repair? With our hassle free warranty, you can leave the worries behind. As long as there is no damage to the device, we back all our repairs for 1 year. No questions asked!

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